Overcoming The Biggest Barriers in Cell Therapy: Senescence and Exhaustion

Be a part of a new era of cell therapy where we overcome the challenge of rapid telomere shortening.

Creating Technology to Maintain Telomeres During Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cell therapies hold promise in a wide range of diseases. However, several challenges limit their therapeutic potential, including development of critically short telomeres. During the cell therapy manufacturing process, normal human cells are forced to expand rapidly, resulting in significant telomere shortening. This effect may reduce a cell's lifespan and limits the long-term favorable outcome for patients. Telos Biotech has developed an approach that is designed to rapidly and safely lengthen the shortest telomeres, helping to ensure that engineered cells are therapeutically robust: Telovance™.

Telovance™ Enhances Cell Therapy Performance and Seamlessly Integrates Into Ex-Vivo Manufacturing Processes

Telovance™ is a protein complex that is delivered during the ex-vivo expansion stage of cell manufacturing. Telovance™ is designed to enhance the next generation of cell therapies and enable more sophisticated, multi-step cell engineering technologies. Our team will partner with you to incorporate Telovance™ into any cell therapy manufacturing process and support regulatory submissions.

AMPK is a critical modulator of cellular metabolism.​

The enzyme AMP-activated kinase (AMPK) senses when energy levels are low – typically immediately after exercise. Activating AMPK begins the multi-step process that converts sugars and fats into cellular energy (ATP) to give the muscles and organs energy to perform day-to-day activities.

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AMPK signaling decreases with age

Many chronic, aging-related diseases that are caused by a dysfunctional, metabolism caused partially by a decreased activation of AMPK.​​

It's important to re-establish AMPK activation via key signaling pathways that improve cellular metabolism and turn-on key cell maintenance and renewal processes in a monitored and controlled manner.​

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Ruth Thieroff-Ekerdt, MD; Board Director of Amplifier Therapeutics

"ATX-304 has the potential to impact multiple aging-related diseases. We look forward to the continued development of ATX-304 to achieve its greatest potential with the experienced and imaginative Cambrian Bio team.”

James Hall, MD, PhD, CEO Amplifier Therapeutics​